Green Land

Greenland is high-quality organic fruits and vegetables grown on farms that use modern farming methods. Egypt is famous for its variety of fruits and vegetables, as climatic conditions allow harvesting 2-3 times a year. We grow high-quality fruits and vegetables on our farms and buy from other farms that we control. We respect manual labor and carefully treat our products. Products are monitored throughout the entire process: growing, harvesting and distribution to ensure that the vegetables and fruits we provide meet the standards. We are a young and enterprising company that has firmly established itself in the export and import market in the African continent, Australia and Europe. We are an experienced and goal-oriented team dedicated to achieving the mission of the company.


To provide fresh and high-quality products at the highest level of service as a means of increasing customer value in the market.


Greenland is a source of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables with high quality and consistent timeliness.